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Hey you!

You didn’t find me by accident. Oh, no! You were meant to find me, right here, right now. This, I KNOW to be true! Divine intervention, yo! So why are you here? Why now?

You’re feeling stuck.

You’re feeling unfulfilled.

You’re lacking the motivation and discipline to take action towards your goals and dreams

You feel like you have no time to do the things you really love and are passionate about.

You’re not able to be there and spend time with your partner, maybe even your kids.

All your time and energy goes to a job you don’t really care about.

You’re lacking direction and guidance to really change your life in the way you want.

You’re neglecting exercise, socializing and your own self-care because you have no time for yourself.

I totally feel you, girl! I know exactly how you feel because I was in your shoes not too long ago. I was dealing with the same problems feeling the same way, until I was forced to do something about it or live in misery. And that’s why I started my blog, my podcast, and started coaching women – so they don’t have to live this way anymore!

You see, when the Universe sends you signs and tries to nudge you in the right direction, but you ignore the signs, messages, and signals, you start to feel more and more stuck, confused, overwhelmed, unmotivated, until the Universe says “ENOUGH!” and has to physically stop you in your tracks.

This is what happened to me.

After college I was working in advertising for a well known agency that all my friends thought was so cool…and then I got fired. It seems I was an awesome employee, quick to get promoted, until I met my then boyfriend.

Then my priorities changed.

I valued my relationship more than I valued staying late at work and working weekends. And that just didn’t fit with this company’s culture and I suddenly stopped being a stellar employee in their eyes.

At the time I felt so much guilt and shame when I got fired. I knew I was a hard worker, smart and ambitious and yet I had failed. Turns out I just value different things than traditional companies value. I’m sure you’ve recognized by now that in most companies, you have to put your job before your relationships if you really want to rise to the top. It was a tough pill to swallow but it taught me a valuable lesson in the long run.

Then I got laid off from my next job after that and I still couldn’t take the hint! I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit but I thought being an entrepreneur would be too hard and too risky and I didn’t want to fail at it, so I just stuck with what I thought was safe…even though I was apparently failing at that too!

The Universe was trying to push me towards my rightful path, but I just couldn’t see it.

While I was working my third (and final) corporate job I just couldn’t shake the feeling of being content but not completely fulfilled. I felt stuck in life. I felt completely unmotivated to achieve the goals I thought had been so important to me (like becoming a VP of Communications or highly respected PR Executive at a well known company). I felt like all my time and energy was going towards a job that, at the end of the day, was just a job. It was someone else’s dream I was contributing to, not my own.

I didn’t want to be working like this when I started a family, how would I ever have time for both myself and kids?!

But I just kept ignoring the signs and pushed on because it felt like the safe thing to do. I felt so lost, and confused but I didn’t know how to get myself out of this stuck-ness, this rut.

You know the feeling, right?

SO, the Universe, annoyed that I ignored all previous signs and nudges, had to stop me in my tracks physically. That’s when everything changed for me. I developed a rare disease that really shook my world and caused me to do some deep soul searching and fulfillment work. I (finally) realized that I hadn’t been on the right path in life, that the corporate world wasn’t for me, and it was up to me to correct my trajectory. So that’s what I’ve been doing the past 2 years.

I’ve read countless spirituality and personal growth books. I’ve worked with life coaches, health coaches, business coaches, taken online courses to help me uncover my purpose, deepen my spiritual practice, and grow my business.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours journaling, meditating, and working on my own personal growth. I put in countless hours studying and getting certified as a Life Purpose Coach and a Happiness Coach.

I took a month off to really push my limits and deepen my connection with myself and my spiritual practice by traveling to Peru and living in the rainforest with a Shaman (I know, crazy right?!). I like to go to extremes to test my boundaries and widen my world view and then see where I fit in between!

I did all this and continue to put in the work so I can put myself in better alignment with my true self and discover what I am truly meant to do so that I can help others do the same.

The result is that I got crystal clear on my purpose, defined the vision for my ideal life, and found out how to stay effortlessly motivated every day to achieve my goals. After that I was able to make a decision and commitment to myself that I would never work another 9-5 job again. And that was that.

With this decision and alignment, I found the confidence to build my own online business that allowed me to finally have freedom and flexibility I craved in my schedule to take time off for my health when I needed it, enjoy mid-day yoga classes, go to dr. appointments frequently, and work when I wanted and where I wanted.

I took my skills as a former PR account manager and built my own freelance PR & Social Media Consulting practice while I grew my blog and began practicing as a life and business coach for other women so they don’t have to go through the same shit I did!

And now, I couldn’t be more thrilled to help YOU achieve the same results.

I know how much a 9 to 5 job controls your life and I know that to get to a place where you feel completely free and in charge of your own time and schedule you need to break out of that corporate world. But first you need to align with your most authentic self, find your inner fire, your motivation and drive that will get you there, which is where I can help.

And if you’re curious to learn a little more about me…here are some fun facts!

  • I have a twin brother (who got all the musical genes in the family)
  • I have TWO moms who I adore to the moon and back (they just got married in 2016, yay California!)
  • I used to compete in tennis and have to admit, I’m pretty good
  • I once auditioned for the role of Wendy in Peter Pan in Middle School (I did not get it…#lostboy instead…)
  • My 6th grade school picture is everyone’s favorite picture of me (find it in this post!)
  • I ran a business in college selling illegally trademarked stainless steel water bottles…#whoops
  • My favorite treat is my mom’s homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (they go quick in our house)
  • My favorite hand soap is Mrs. Meyers Geranium hand soap…I just LOVE how it smells (I know, I’m weird, who has a favorite hand soap??)
  • My favorite alcohol is tequila (followed by whiskey)
  • My mom makes THE world’s best margaritas (not the same Mom that makes the cookies)
  • I don’t really like the taste of water so I have to flavor it with things to make sure I drink enough
  • I call myself a modern spiritualista because I like to think that I have a fresh take on meditation, mindfulness and spirituality. I have no religious affiliation – I have always believed in a higher power, but no god necessarily. What I do believe in is the power of the Universe and that each of us has an energy and power within us that can change our lives in amazing ways if we learn and are willing to tap into it.
  • The name Punch Drunk Soul has three different meanings for me. The first comes from my love of boxing that I discovered in 2013 (yes, I enjoy hitting things/bags/people – hard!). The second – punch drunk literally means getting hit so many times in the head by your opponent that you feel disoriented and drunk. The third is that I believe everyone’s soul can become punch drunk at some point in their lives when they ignore their true self and rightful path, which is what happened to me.

I think that’s about all, my friend. I want to leave you with this.

YOU are amazing. You have all the answers within you and your success IS inevitable, I promise. Sometimes you just need a little guidance, support and accountability to get you where you want and need to be. Someone to help you be your absolute best self.


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