Start Your Soul-Aligned Coaching Biz & Land Your First Paid Clients

(6 weeks to true clarity, real clients, and a ton of FUN...even if you have no certification, no following or clue where to start.)


"Before Path to Freedom I had been sitting on my "business" waiting for things to be perfect to launch for over 6 months. As soon as Path to Freedom ended I enrolled 4 people into my first group program and now just a few short months later I am re-launching my program at double the price ($2,000) and my value is only increasing."

Kathryn T.

How different would your life be, how much more time would you have to be present for your family, how much more freedom would you have to travel if you had a business that just worked, starting with your first paid clients just 6 weeks from now?

Path to Freedom is a program for aspiring coaches who are ready to start a soul-aligned coaching business and land their first paid clients without the overwhelm, without a big following, and without certifications. 

So You've Been Thinking About Starting A Coaching Biz But...

  • You don't feel qualified or ready and everyone has been telling you "you need to get certified first!"
  • You've always known that you were destined for more than just sitting in an office working for someone else, but you've spent far too long wondering how you would actually do it and still haven't taken any action yet.
  • You keep posting on your social media pages and blog about your passions with no engagement and you're losing steam and motivation.

  • Your job drains your energy, your soul, your freedom and you have no time or energy for yourself at the end of the day to do the things you really care about, like travel, raise a family, work on your business idea or blog, hang out with friends, go to the gym, or just cook a nice dinner.

  • You’re afraid of failing, afraid of what other people will think, and/ or afraid to put yourself out there.

  • You’ve tried starting once or a few times, you may have even picked up some certifications but then you've given up or lost motivation because it all just feels SO overwhelming and #IJustCantEven. All you need is a blueprint and your success will skyrocket!

  • You feel like you’re missing clarity on your purpose and a clear path to move forward. You’re tired of coming home exhausted, feeling empty, and binge-watching Netflix instead of pursuing your passions.

"I hit my goal of 8 clients! I am actually hoping for 2 more now! Thanks to Ali for helping me set that was scary at first but so worth it!"

Charity S.

Imagine with me for just a second...

    • Discovering exactly what it is that you're called to do with your life and then having a clear, proven framework and plan so you can spend the rest of your life DOING it. 
    • Checking your email and seeing your FIRST official payments come in from your first paying clients in your new coaching biz that you're over-the-moon excited about! EPIC!
    • Feeling truly healed from the inside out. Anxiety attacks, depressive episodes, health issues caused by you not following your purpose are all but forgotten. No more feeling "stuck" or lost, but full of purpose and confidence.
    • Having the time and energy to put into enjoying your whole life, not just life outside the 9-5 and on the weekends. Where you travel more, laugh more, spend time with your family and friends more, say YES to you more.
    • Having a slow morning with yoga, meditation and a warm latte. Setting your own schedule, working from home while you watch your kids grow up, or maybe even from a beach in Thailand.
    • What else would change about your life, your relationships, your career if you had a business that just WORKED and lit you up?

Path to Freedom - Coach Academy

From no biz to paying clients in 6 weeks while making a fuck-ton of impact.

  • Discover your soul's purpose and turn it into a profitable coaching business so you can work from anywhere if you're ready to teach, guide or transform others
  • Rewire your brain so you can conquer your fears (of failing, of judgement) that have been holding you back
  • Gain the confidence, support and guidance you need to create a clear, executable plan for your ideal business and lifestyle
  • Create your own unique Proprietary Coaching Method so you can coach with confidence, set yourself apart from other coaches in the same niche, and charge a higher ticket price
  • Develop your system, pricing and delivery for your signature offer so you can land your first paying clients in a way that feels good for them AND you, without feeling sleazy in sales conversations

"A few months after Path to Freedom ended I quit my job and since then I have gained 8 clients in my business and have almost doubled my monthly income - something I NEVER thought possible before the program. "

Sarah B.

What's Inside The Program:

☑️Lifetime Access To All 5 Training Modules 
Bite-sized audio (and transcript) lessons with the exact steps you need to create your soul-aligned coaching business and land your first paid clients, so you can jump out of bed excited to do the work you're passionate about - without spending countless hours wasting time and money on steps that lead NOWHERE

☑️Weekly Action Steps 
Weekly quick-action takeaway guides to get you into action. No more wasting time thinking about what to do next. Follow the steps, complete them and see your progress weekly towards landing your first paid clients.

☑️My 5-Step Proven Framework 
To get your new aligned coaching business off the ground with clarity, confidence and CLIENTS!

☑️Weekly Emails
To guide you through each step of the program, supporting you in staying on-track.

☑️Powerful Audio Meditations
Proprietary guided meditations crafted for specific modules to help you get extreme clarity on your ideal life and dream career, bust through old stories and connect with your ideal clients. 

☑️Weekly Group Coaching Calls 
Get direct support, coaching and feedback from ME designed to help you 10x your results, charge higher prices and land more clients. 

Call #1 - Mastering the Bad-ass Entrepreneur Mental Game
Call #2 - How to Align With Your Soul & Purpose
Call #3 - Creating Your Soul-Aligned Coaching Business + Niche
Call #4 - LIVE Hot Seat Call
Call #5 - Creating An Offer Your Clients Don't Want to Refuse
Call #6 - Pre-selling Your Offer and Landing Your First Clients

☑️Private Coaching Facebook Community
For additional support, accountability, and guidance from your soul tribe, and coaching by me! I answer ALL questions in this group within 24-48 hours! This is your all access pass to me, on demand, whenever you need it. It's like having coach Ali in your back pocket! 

☑️Unlimited Coaching from Ali
When you need feedback, coaching, clarity, ideas to move forward, or some support you can come to the FB group where I'll give you personalized coaching. If it's urgent you can always slide into my DMs. This is a priceless opportunity for you to BE coached and learn HOW to coach by watching, listening and learning.

☑️Accountability Tracking + Prizes 
You know I'm all about fun, right!? So you better believe I've made sure my program is LOADS of fun. I've made everything highly engaging and accountable through sneaking in surprises, bonuses and contests for you so at the end of the program you have a chance to win some of my favorite things and get the results you're looking for.

" PTF provided me with actually really easy steps to get my biz moving. I couldn't believe how it was so easy to get my first client! "

Nicole C.

Your Investment In Your Future

My aim with this program is to give you the structure, support and tools you need to set up a profitable business in a way that's aligned with your soul so you can land your first paid clients.

When your business is finally up and running and you're motivated and inspired by your results, it will FREE YOU UP to focus on making the impact and income you've been craving all your life. 

To go through these trainings with me in in a 1:1 setting is now a $10,000 investment. 

My goal with this program is to make starting your business more affordable for as many new and aspiring coaches as possible so that together we can really raise the collective vibration of the world, keep more mothers involved in their children's' lives, and create better relationships between WHOLE, happy families. 

I've designed Path to Freedom Coach Academy to help you do just that.

You'll learn my proven 5-step system and laser-focused strategy to develop your unique coaching methodology, create your first offer and land your first paid clients.

Here are just a few of our student coaches!


Trina P. - Personal Finance Coach


Jessie D. - Chronic Illness Coach & Podcaster


Patricia R. - Procrastination Elimination Coach

Training Module Overview

I've broken down my proven 5-step Soul-Aligned Biz Method into 5 modules that you'll receive weekly. These modules are packed with value-packed lessons and action guides that are going to get you more aligned and in action than you could ever imagine possible!

Expect to spend about 2-3 hours each week working through the modules.

Below is just a TEENY TINY taste of what's inside each training module!

Module 1 - Successful AF Coach

How to become a successful AF coach so you can see results hustling so damn hard

  • The #1 mindset hack only the top 1% of successful coaches are using to skyrocket their success
  • The 3 things you need to set yourself up for business success (hint: money isn’t one of them!)
  • The “secret” framework behind reprogramming your mind so you can accomplish more in less time and just feel HAPPIER
  • And so much more!

Module 2 - Soul Aligned Vision

How to find your soul aligned purpose for your life and business so you can build a business that you're excited to wake up for!

  • The simple way to end procrastination so you can have success in your business (even if you’ve never had much willpower before)
  • Unlock the key to your hidden motivation with this one simple formula
  • A fill-in-the-blank life purpose statement that makes everything CLICK
  • The 1 thing you need to successfully manifest your dream life and business (that you’ve probably used before, just not the “right” way!)
  • And so much more!

Module 3 - Your Coaching Niche + Ideal Clients

How to identify your soul-aligned business niche and clients so you have an easier time landing clients.

  • My cheat sheet with the only questions you need to ask yourself to identify your soul aligned business
  • The biggest mistake new coaches do when trying to launch their businesses... and what to do instead
  • What other coaches in your niche don’t want you to learn about connecting to your audience
  • The #1 thing you CAN’T forget to do before you actually launch your business
  • And so much more!


Module 4 - Your PCM + Killer Offer

How to develop your own PCM + Offer so you can position yourself as an expert in your niche, instill confidence in your prospects, charge any price for your services and develop an offer that sells like hotcakes

  • The top 3 mistakes new coaches make when creating their offers...and how to avoid these costly mistakes
  • The secret-sauce fill-in-the-blank framework to develop your Proprietary Coaching Method so you can set yourself apart from the competition
    (THIS is the secret to becoming the 1% of successful coaches)
  • The only 6 things you need to sell a wildly successful offer and how to implement them effectively
  • A simple step-by-step method to outline your aligned business model so you can set up your business to enjoy the work-life balance you crave
  • And so much more!

Module 5 - Pre-selling Your Offer

How to land paid clients with no website, no tech, no certification and no following

  • The costly mistake most new coaches make when trying to sell their services and how to avoid both lost time and money
  • How to make money in your coaching business before you even have any content
  • The most effective, simple No-Tech method to land paying clients without overwhelming tools, website, funnels, and emails.
  • My exact conversation script you can use to segue any conversation into a sales conversation with soul instead of ickiness.
  • And so much more!

Why not let a successful coach guide you through the Wild Wild West of the Coaching World?

(Plus get my simple tried and true strategies that aren't being taught anywhere else)

Meet a few more of our student coaches


Becca H. - Tax Coach


Bri Ankh'a W. - Spirituality Coach

Meet Your Mentor!

Hi! I'm Ali!

I was in your shoes not too long ago. Feeling stuck in the corporate world...thinking my career just wasn't all I was expecting it to be.

I used to think I couldn’t make a living pursuing what I loved. I used to feel stuck and trapped in the 9-5 world, feeling like my time wasn’t my own, and that I was just meant for something more but didn’t know how to get there.

I’d be scrolling through Instagram, jealous of all the digital nomads and killer business women, wishing I too, could be off traveling the world, working from cafes off the coast of Italy, on beaches in Thailand, and eventually working from home, watching my kids grow up.

I was completely lost and unfulfilled until I finally reached a breaking point in my life, where I got extremely sick, and I decided enough was enough.

This was not ALL my life was supposed to amount to. I decided to stop living life on autopilot, no more eat, sleep, Netflix and repeat. No more living for the weekends. It was time to start living life on my terms.

That's when I made the decision that no matter what it took, I was never going to work another 9-5 job again. 

I found a way to pursue my dream of helping people AND make a living out of it by starting my own coaching business.

It’s a business that fulfills my highest purpose and affords me the time, location and financial freedom I’ve always craved. It started small, with $1,000 here, $5,000 there, and within a year I was creating twenty THOUSAND dollar launches.

Now I’ve started a ripple effect where my clients are changing the lives of their own clients around the world, every single day. And I am so grateful that I chose to take a chance on myself. And if you’re like me, I want to share this gift with you. 

Thank you for rising up to serve.


You found me for a reason. Call it divine intervention, call it alignment. You are here to start your new life.

Will you rise up and have your own back to create the future you've always dreamed of?


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