A step-by-step program that takes you from stuck and overwhelmed to rocking your own online biz and quitting your job in just 6 weeks...even if you're scared AF.


Path to Freedom!

  • get my proven 7-step process to turn your dream or hobby into a real money-making business
  • conquer your fears (of failing, of judgement) that have been holding you back
  • get the confidence, support and guidance you need to finally quit your job and make money on your own



Path to Freedom is my complete, step-by-step 6-week intensive group coaching program designed to jumpstart your online business and give you the confidence to leave your job. It's the only high-touch group coaching program that focuses on building a Soul-Aligned online business so that you can create the life of freedom and flexibility you crave without the hustle, stress or wasting any time!

Sound Oddly Familiar?

  • You're stuck in an job that takes up all your time and energy and prevents you from doing what really matters. You can practically feel it crushing your soul, yet you continue to let self-doubt, fear and procrastination keep you stuck in inaction.
  • You crave the freedom and flexibility your own online business would bring you but you get overwhelmed by the thought of trying to do it on your own because you have no idea where to start or what to do first.
  • You might have ideas for what you want to do for a business or you may even have already started a side hustle or a blog but you can't seem to get enough traction to actually earn an income yet.
  • You KNOW you want to carve your own path and start your own online business but you just need some guidance from someone who's been there before and can show you the ropes (so you don't fall flat on your face repeatedly).
  • You want to finally build a lifestyle that lets you create your own schedule, so you can travel more, work from anywhere, spend more time with loved ones, go to the gym when you feel like it and finally stop living for the weekends!

Imagine with me for just a second...

  • Waking up every day when you decide, snuggling in your warm cozy bed for an extra few minutes, making a slow breakfast, maybe meditating and doing a little yoga because you don't have to "go to work" but instead you get to spend time building a business that fulfills you and brings you joy
  • Making your own schedule and working from wherever you want, whether thats while you're traveling or while you're watching your children grow up from home
  • Having the confidence to stroll into your bosses office on a Friday afternoon and hand them your letter of resignation so you can finally quit your job and live the life of freedom you've been building for yourself
  • Meeting up with friends or family and being able to say what you do with pride and excitement...like "Yeah, I'm a bad-ass, I know!" and they'll be thinking "Oh girl! You're such a rebel! I wish we were as brave as you!" And you just wink. ;)
  • Having the support and accountability of lifelong soulmates and fellow entrepreneurs who are there for you when times get tough, support you when you have questions and share champagne toasts after successful client calls
  • Discovering a deep connection to your soul's purpose and knowing without a doubt that everything is always working out for you
  • Never living for the weekends again (so much so that you actually frequently forget what day it is - kind of like what happens when you go on vacation now!)

Ready to turn your idea, hobby or passion project into a real business?


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